Zoom announces avatars, meeting templates, and other new features

Platform Zoom which is used for video conferencing is rolling out new features for its users. These will include the ability to set personal avatars just like Snapchat. They also include meeting templates, creating space for Q&A during the meetings, and many more. Let’s take a look at Zoom avatars.
Zoom users will now be able to set virtual characters( avatars) for their accounts. Zoom is also having so many filters that can be used by users and now they will also take the advantage of virtual avatars which can be used in meetings. Zoom says that the avatars mirror the user’s movements and can manage the facial expressions allowing them to represent themselves dramatically without needing to be on video and providing a more engaging alternative to a static profile picture to look more funny and energetic to your meetings.
Avatars can be used when a user:
Wants to be present more dramatically than off-camera through avatars on their profile.
Doesn’t want to show what you are doing but still have to show everyone that you’re present.
It will look like a fun activity for team bonding exercises, employee onboarding, and other different types of meetings.
This feature is currently available to all Zoom users globally. The company will add the facial feature, hairstyles, and many more customization options as the beta progress.
Meeting templates
Adjusting settings for different meeting types on Zoom now becomes very easy with meeting templates. Users of Zoom can now save, create and choose from custom meeting templates, which automatically apply the right settings as per their needs. Some of the templates provided by Zoom are for large meetings- with automated captions and recordings of seminars, it is ideal for corporate meetings and K-12 with quiz and polls features.
Threaded messages and reactions in meeting chat
Threaded messages and reactions are created to enhance the in-meeting chat experience. It will allow meeting participants to create message threads and use emoticons reactions in the in-meeting chat. This will also help to organize the messages and clarify which messages participants are responding to. This feature will be coming out later this month. Currently available to Zoom webinars, the Q&A feature is now rolling out to meetings. The Q&A feature will allow the meeting host to stay in a more organized way by having one place to view and answer questions. From the Q&A pop out hosts and co-hosts can view the answers or dismiss questions. Hosts will also have the ability to determine if they will like meeting participants to be able to view all the questions.

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