Youtube rolled out a new update on youtube music

YouTube has recently given a new update on its YouTube Music, which you are going to like very much because in this update, now YouTube updated the lyrics on YouTube Music, in which now you will be able to read the lyrics of the song as soon as you listen to it. Earlier, lyrics were available only for limited videos on YouTube, but now for all songs, you will get to see lyrics in English as well as in Hindi. Before this facility was available on Spotify and iPhone, you could read the lyrics while listening to the song.

Even on the iPhone, you could only read the lyrics in English, but inside Spotify, you could read the lyrics in Hindi. Lyrics of both and English will be available to read together. YouTube has just launched its new update. Now you have to update your YouTube Music app by going to Play Store, or if you still need to install it, you will have to install it. And after that, you can enjoy it completely by going inside youtube music.

YouTube Music has updated the lyrics of all the songs, now you will be able to see the lyrics in both Hindi and English.

You have to choose any song and play it by choosing it and then going below it. Now you will get the song lyrics, which you can read slowly. You can also sing the song together. This facility will be very good for you so that we can see the lyrics of the songs which we do not know. However, till now, the lyrics of all the songs have yet to be on it. Almost all songs on YouTube have updated the lyrics, so you can go and enjoy them now. For this, YouTube is not taking money from you in any way, nor does YouTube Premium require it, and you can take full advantage of it even without premium.

Now you can listen to songs with lyrics on youtube premium anywhere and enjoy your songs. That, too, with real-time lyrics, means the top-down of the playing song will be highlighted. You will know that this song is being spoken now, making it very easy to identify the song. Our desire to listen to the song will increase even more because we will get real-time information about what Lyrics are very important so that we can enjoy the song well. In this way, YouTube has also done a very good thing for its users by giving this update because users were in great need of lyrics. Because everyone has launched this update, but YouTube has yet to, the number of users of YouTube will increase more, and it will be more famous.

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