When Raveena returned after getting Padma Shri, why did Raveena get angry with her fans?

Raveena Tandon, a famous Bollywood artist, was seen at Mumbai airport and recently received Padma Shri Award. Padma Shri award is given to her for her humanity, her feelings towards people experiencing poverty, and the help she gives to people experiencing poverty. Seeing all those things, she was given the Padma Shri award, but in the meantime, when Raveena Tandon reached Mumbai airport, a huge crowd gathered there. It is expected that if any big superstar goes somewhere or If he comes somewhere, a large crowd of people gathers to see him. In the same way, when Raveena Tandon was leaving Mumbai airport, a lot of audience people gathered there. Some of her audience Photographs were also taken with Raveena Tandon, and some people also talked to her, and some people shook hands with her.

In the midst of all this, some people tried to push their children, then at the same time.
Time Raveena Tandon said I don’t do this. It’s wrong. I agree you are my big audience, but don’t behave like this with my children. Don’t disturb them because if you do this, it will only insult you, and If there is no good work, then you should not do it. Raveena Tandon is an artist who is always ready to help poor people and likes to help someone. She can show any such work to anyone, or Then she doesn’t do it to express herself to anyone. She says that her heart does.

Raveena looked very happy after receiving Padma Shri from the President

I am very happy with all these things, and if I help a person, I enjoy all these things very much. I want to do all this work with great heart, and looking at all these works of Raveena Tandon for the last few years, President Draupadi Murmu thought this. Considering it a lot, he finally decided that Raveena Tandon was a good artist. And at the same time, she is also working as a great social worker and contributing a lot to moving women forward.

She constantly comes in the middle of many matters for women. To help them all, she put forward their point, and considering all these things, the state government took a decision and awarded Padma Shri to Raveena Tandon. She was honored by giving, and it is a perfect thing for Raveena Tandon, for all, her audience, and also for our country. It is perfect because we honor a social worker by giving him an award or award. If a person sees and hears all these things, then it also occurs in his mind that I wish to reach this place and he would also take good steps for society and contribute towards society. If these types of programs go on continuously, our country will continue to progress because many artists like Raveena Tandon have feelings for poor people and want to help them.

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