What did Sunil Shetty say on KL Rahul’s poor performance

Bollywood’s famous actor Sunil Shetty said that KL Rahul is a fighter and will answer with his bat, not with his mouth, because seeing the continuous poor performance of KL Rahul, his fans say that KL Rahul is continuously flopping in many matches. And at the same time, KL Rahul is not batting in such a way that he can play in Team India or get a place in Team India. At the same time, the audience also said very objectionable things that KL Rahul is continuously going through poor performance. If his performance continues like this, it will be very difficult for KL Rahul to get a place in Team India, which is only for him and his team. Because if KL Rahul continues to perform poorly or runs do not come out of his bat, it will be considered impossible for KL Rahul to join the team.

Seeing this poor performance and listening to the objectionable words of the people, his father-in-law Sunil Shetty said that KL Rahul is a great batsman and will not answer anyone by speaking. He will answer his answer very well with his bat. It is a matter of course that he has to go through poor performance, but in the history of cricket, poor performance comes in the life of all players, and today, KL Rahul is going through that time. We should not leave them, we should constantly motivate them to move forward, and we should constantly tell them that you can do better or will play very good cricket in the future. This will boost his morale, and he will look to perform very well in the coming matches so that his ongoing poor performance will end, and his fans will also be pleased.

Supporting KL Rahul said that such a day comes for everyone

But KL Rahul will be most happy about this because when this player is going through his poor performance, he feels very bad, and he thinks day by day that if I keep playing like this, then I will get a place in his team. It will be very difficult because his future can also end, but if the performance is good in between, then the player’s morale increases. Every batter thinks that now he would like to go ahead and represent Team India and Team India. He will bat very well, and Team India will win the match on his own.

Keeping all these things in mind, Sunil Shetty said that KL Rahul is the best batsman in the best batter are counted in world, then KL Rahul If the name counts, then we should constantly motivate them that they are very good players and poor performance is a part of every player’s life, it is a passing shadow in the player’s life, and if the player keeps all these things in mind, then If he will not be able to do well further, Sunil Shetty told Rahul to forget all these things and focus on the upcoming matches and try to perform well.

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