The shadow of technology is happening, and Electric vehicles are being launched one after the other.

Day by day, electric things are spreading in the country at a very high and fast speed, whether it is our mobile phones or electric bike, or electric cars. Electric scooters are growing quickly, and cars and bicycles are not far away now. Every company is taking out their different scooters and bikes and launching them every day. According to various quality at different prices at different rates, they are selling their bikes and scooters in the market at very cheap rates or at that rate it is easy to buy for the general public. More recently, electric bike maker ODC manufactures its bikes and scooters in Mumbai. He has launched an affordable electric motorcycle whose ex-showroom or, say, market price will start from 1 lakh 10 thousand, and it will be found first in the Ahmedabad market.

Also, this information has been given by this company through its official site that it will be available in All of India, along with this information has also been provided in the company on its site that; you can book it for only ₹ 999, and if later you change your mind and are not in a position to take.This bike has a 3000-watt motor, and its full speed is 5 kilometers per hour.

Also, according to the company, this bike will be fully charged in just 4 hours, and once set, you can run it up to 125 kilometers, and three different modes have been given to it, making it even more fun to run. Let’s make it easy. It has Bluetooth as well as a large display running Android 7.0. You can also connect it with Bluetooth and get navigation, which works like Google Maps. In this, you will also find facilities like anti-theft, fashion dress, low battery alert, and bike locator in its display. In this bike, you will be given disc brakes on both the wells and three years warranty on bike power, and the battery will be provided, which makes it even better.

Offering a lot of features at a reasonable price

The motor of the electric bike or scooter has been made waterproof, and its CEO has said that I am thrilled to present this bike. It has 68 dealers nationwide who will deliver this bike to you. He has also said that by the last week of April, we are going to launch scooters, and we are going to increase our dealer network from 68 to 150, and with this, we expect our growth to be 300% more than before. A new system has been given in this, which is called IoT, which means that all the things connected to the internet will be connected to this bike, so that all the activities of the country and the world which are done through the internet, you can combine them in the display of this bike. This bike is going to come into the market with many features at an excellent and affordable rate, which is going to rule the market after its launch and its CEO has given many best wishes to its dealers for its sales and said that Any customer’s problem should not be from our side.

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