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The passion of UPSC is such that the shadow prepares without hands and feet.

If we talk about passion, then we can do anything if passion is inside us, and to make our dreams come true, the most important thing is the passion because the more passion we have, the key to our success. The nearer it will be because the more we will work hard on it and keep on making efforts so that our desire to work and achieve our goal may be fulfilled as soon as possible and our body, our mind, together our dreams For this our body needs to be healthy, because only to keep the body healthy, we fulfill any job or our dream. We can live comfortably for our whole life and do our best.

God has snatched hands and feet, still there is a spirit to live

Today we will talk in this context about a boy who could not use his hands and feet since childhood because his hands and feet did not work at all, and he had a disease like neurology. He was shown to every doctor in every corner of the country, but he could not be cured. After that, he broke down a lot, and when he wanted to type on his mobile, he could not do it, and his hands were not working. Then for one day, he was like this. He started typing with his nose while sitting, and his typing with his nose became very good. He started scrolling the mobile screen with nose, then gradually increased his typing speed, and now he says he is more than his friends. He can do fast typing because his speed has become very fast in the beginning, he had a problem with speed, but now he has come to type very well, although he has got job offers from many places he is UPSC.

He wants to clear, and UPSC is his dream, and he is constantly trying for the same dream. His mother has a lot of trouble doing this, but she is very happy about her child that her child is now working day and night to clear UPSC. Success will come soon, and we can see many good things soon because having such passion is a big thing in today’s world. There is a lot of lack of passion in today’s youth, and if they do not have passion, they will not be able to fulfill their dreams.

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