The odor comes from garlic, but you will be shocked after hearing about its benefits.

Nowadays, we work very hard to keep our health right, we drink the right food so that our health remains very good, and we constantly exercise. We also go to the gym to make our body glow and curvy from the inside, and we can take full advantage of our daily routine. And at the same time, we pay a lot of attention to food, and we also pay a lot of attention to our diet plan, that too in this way. It should be such that it should go to our body and work in the muscles present, and our body should continue to work how we want it to. Today, in this context, we talk about garlic.

If we eat garlic, it will give a lot of bad smell, in such a way that if we eat it, it will give a lot of bad smell or the bad smell that will come out of our body and we will have a lot of trouble. We do not eat garlic, but we miss the things found inside garlic because garlic has been considered a very important thing to be used as a medicine because everything is found inside it. Which is very important for our body, this the biggest name comes from bad cholesterol, which helps in increasing our obesity in our body, it reduces it, there are small buds of garlic, if we eat in the morning After waking up in the morning and eating some tiny buds of garlic, the blood pressure which is in our body, the chances of high BP and low BP are eliminated, and it is considered to be the most helpful medicine in eliminating blood pressure in our body.

Garlic is one of the best medicines with no side effects to keep the body healthy.

Because it reduces it in such a way that even our foreign medicines, which are English, cannot do that. Along with this, the pain inside our joints is also found in garlic, or if we consume garlic continuously, the pain inside our joints starts to end, and we give our body good health. Can be taken in the direction

The biggest reason for the bad smell is the high amount of sulfur found in it because there is a lot of bad smell inside the sulfur. Because of this, if we eat it, bad smell also starts coming from inside our body. The reason is that we always ignore it, but if it is roasted and eaten without opening its buds, it destroys its odor and does not smell as bad as before. If we eat it after roasting, its smell can come into our mouth for 24 hours because it is considered active for 24 hours, and our bad smell will continue for 24 hours. It helps a lot, and we can also use garlic regularly to reduce weight. It can be eaten in vegetables and roasting them in different ways, although garlic is used to enhance the taste of vegetables. It is used in large quantities because by putting it in large quantities in the vegetable, it roasts very well, and our vegetable tastes increase a lot.

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