The Gehlot government said that it is their compulsion not to ban liquor.

Ashok Gehlot, who has become the Chief Minister thrice in the Rajasthan government, is preparing very well for the coming elections. Yesterday in Birla Auditorium, he said that he started his political life as a social worker and at that time From then till now, he has walked with the slogan of a liquor ban, and even then, he wanted a liquor ban in Rajasthan and even today he wants liquor ban in Rajasthan. Still, now he has become helpless that he cannot stop liquor. Because alcohol provides a huge part for the Rajasthan government in strengthening the economic situation, the closure of alcohol will greatly impact the economic condition of the Rajasthan government.

Its economic condition will start to weaken because of the alcohol in Rajasthan. The sale of liquor is very high at this time, and people are constantly buying liquor. There are many such contracts inside Rajasthan, on which liquor worth lakhs of rupees is sold daily, and people consume it a lot, due to which the Rajasthan government has banned liquor. He is unable to do this, nor does he want his economic condition to be so heavily burdened in such a way that he becomes weak. He can stop liquor inside because if he does this, then the economic condition of Rajasthan will be weak. He does not want any such incident to happen inside Rajasthan so that Rajasthan becomes weak.

According to Ashok Gehlot, the schemes which we bring, the Central Government should also bring the same schemes.

However, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has also said that the schemes that he is implementing in Rajasthan, the Center will also have to implement similar schemes very soon, and for this, he is repeatedly writing letters to the Central Government that whatever he wants should be implemented within Rajasthan. Whether it is service of office or service of right to health, whatever the Rajasthan government has run schemes, the central government should implement them as soon as possible, and the effects or the benefits that will come from them, only Rajasthan government. Rather, the central government is also going to benefit a lot.

The central government should discuss it as soon as possible and consider and allow the state government to implement those schemes completely, and the public will get the full benefit of this. And so that the central government can get the upcoming elections in Rajasthan, now all the parties are uniting day and night. Instead of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, they are holding their meetings to get many benefits in the upcoming elections.

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