The Celebration of the Holy Fire Ritual by the Christian community in Jerusalem under the Strict Guidelines of Israeli Forces

Many pilgrims moved toward the Jersulm to the Church of Holy Sepulchre to celebrate the Holy Fire Rituals, which they call a miracle.
Many Christian worshippers headed toward the old East Jerusalem, where the church of the old tomb is located, to celebrate their Holy Fire Rituals, an ancient ritual that lightened tension this year with the Israeli forces.
However, this is celebrated every year, noticed for more than a millennium; a light or fire was taken from Jesus’s tomb in the church, later used to lighten the candles of true worshippers, believers in Greek Orthodox Communities. The firm believes the flame’s origin is a shouldered mystery, a miracle.
On Saturday, after hours of hope, a person went into the dark tomb and lit his candle. After that, many worshippers pass the candle to the next worshippers, to their neighbours who can light a candle from theirs. However, when the candle starts to light, little by little, the church’s darkness turns into a glow as the tiny light emerges and lightens the whole tomb building.
Bells sound like “ Christ is Risen” After that, many worshippers belong to different nationalities and languages and shout,” He is risen indeed.”
The tomb, built on the site where the Christian tradition holds that Jesus was crucified, put to death, buried and resurrected, was elevated to mark Orthodox Easter week in the old East Jerusalem. But later on, the next year, Israeli forces implemented many restrictions, limiting the worshipper’s capacity and killing many worshippers’ hope.
Israeli forces have restricted the rituals to 1800 worshippers, mentioning that all holds and policies must be strict as the forces are responsible for maintaining a safe atmosphere.
But there are many concerns by the Jerselim minority Christians about the Israeli forces increasing the security to change their status in the old city, the focus of giving permission to the Jews and limiting the number of Christian worshippers in the holy place.
However, the Greek Orthodox authority has criticised the restrictions as a barrier to religious freedom and called all pilgrims to flood the holy place instead of focusing on Israeli restrictions.
Furthermore, in the morning at o’clock, Israeli forces started the mission and sent back the worshippers from the city’s gate. Also, many European tourists and Christians from Palestine fly from the West Bank. They moved them instead of an overflow area with the mainstream.
Angry worshippers and trusted people started forcing the police to get through the holy place, and the police started opposing them and sending them back, the forces only allowing the pilgrims with the tickets and the local pilgrims to enter the church.
After the ceremony, many Palestinian Christian worshippers came out with the light on the street and lit the tapers of outside worshippers.

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