Surya Namaskar is beneficial for the whole body – Make it a part of your routine

We do many exercises to keep our fitness right. We do many exercises so that our body can remain very fit and no disease occurs inside our body, and we can make ourselves feel very healthy. We keep practicing continuously and constantly paying attention to this thing so that no such disease should arise inside our body due to which we have to suffer in the future and our body cannot work in the way we want it to. This is a big problem for us, and to reduce it, we work hard day and night, exercise, do the gym, and there are many other things that we consume, due to which the speed inside our body increases. Stay very much, and our body should be ready to do every work so that we can do our work with full heart and soul.

For this, we have the obstruction in our body, or we will say that due to non-exercise and continuous exercise, the diseases which Surya Namaskar is such an exercise which is very beneficial for our body because by doing this exercise, almost all diseases of our body are destroyed. In the coming time, we can make our dreams come true. Even in our body, there is no such disease inside our body due to which we have trouble, or we have pain or pain, by doing this, affects every part of the body, and every part is involved in the Surya Namaskar exercise. Namaskar increases our body’s strength internally and also externally and fulfills the oxygen level in the body. While doing Surya Namaskar, the word Om should be chanted continuously.

It is better to be exposed to the rays of the rising sun

Doing this, it can be found in every comfort for which we do many exercises. While doing Surya Namaskar, attention should be given to how it is done, it is done in 12 ways, and after that, we will do other exercises. Still, first of all, The only exercise to do is Surya Namaskar is most important if you have very little time. It would be best to do Surya Namaskar first, then do other exercises. That we can give to our body because in today’s routine we have to think about our family, earning money, further career, many things about which we have to walk, because of this we forget things like exercise and going to the gym, so we Not forgetting this, if we do Surya Namaskar daily, it will give a lot of energy to our body, and we will feel very refreshed. The power to work inside us will increase greatly, and we can make our dreams come true quickly. Can move in this world to

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