Poonam Dhillon turned down Rajesh Khanna’s film offer at the age of 12

Poonam Dhillon is one of the most famous actresses in India and the only Bollywood actress to become famous at the youngest age. She became so famous in class 10th that she could never have imagined being very young since then. She was not much fond of films, but once when Rajesh Khanna was coming to her city for the shooting of a film, her friends convinced her to go there that she would also go to see the shooting, and when she reached the hotel to see the shooting So Rajesh Khanna was sitting sipping tea, Rajesh Khanna’s eyes fell on Poonam, and he called Poonam to him. Poonam was very nervous, and when she reached him nervously, he said your eyes are very sweet.

If you work in my films, then Poonam refused him the same and said that she would also continue with her studies and does not want to compromise with her studies, so I will not do any film now, but when now that film When she went to the world of Rajesh Khanna, she used to talk a lot with him. There were many films with Rajesh Khanna. Once when a show was going on in Chandigarh, Poonam participated in it. Poonam also won that show, and when she came to know that this news would come in the newspaper, she was completely scared because she thought that her family members would make her very angry, but when this news came in the newspaper. After this, Yash Chopra proposed his first film in front of him, but she refused.

Did not give proposal in front of Chopra and said film will be in school holidays

Still, on the repeated insistence of Yash Chopra, he completely decided to work in this film, but he did not give a proposal in front of Chopra. He bet he would do the film only during his school holidays. He would do this film at the same time. Yash Chopra accepted this comfortably, wearing a uniform and just 16 years of age for his first film Trishul. In the same year, she did the Trishul film, which was very superhit. After that, she also participated in the award show and went to her film Trishul nomination.

Poonam wore a swimsuit in this film, which was very popular with her. Since then, people have started liking him very much, and he was only in 10th class when he made this film. He was at the height of his film when he started vanity van because when the actress changed the dress, Hai was very upset because of whatever makeup he used. He also started a vanity van for the first time, which started in Mumbai and was inaugurated by Amitabh Bachchan.

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