People used to think of them as punks. They used to go to college with long hair.

Sunil Shetty is the name of a huge Bollywood artist, and there would hardly be anyone who does not know Sunil Shetty. Still, Sunil Shetty recently gave details of some discussions of his life during an interview. He also said that earlier, people considered him a punk because Sunil Shetty used to keep long hair on his bike and used to do a lot of fashion, then seeing this look of his, everyone considered him a punk, and everyone saw him from the point of view of punk. Sunil Shetty also told during the interview that Sunil Shetty fell in love with a girl in those days and wanted to marry her.

She forbade me to marry another girl and said that if I married another girl, her life would be ruined.

That girl also wanted to marry Sunil Shetty. When both Mana Shetty and Sunil Shetty met each other for the first time, they fell in love at first sight. Both of them decided that they would get married, but When Sunil Shetty told his family members about this relationship, his family members denied this relationship. They said that they did not want to marry this girl and that they were not ready to marry this girl. But Sunil Shetty did not accept this, and he said that if he married, I would do it by force, I would not marry any other girl, and he also said that if he married any other girl, then that girl’s life would be ruined. will go

I do not want to do this, but Sunil Shetty’s family members did not agree even after saying all this. Sunil Shetty also did not marry again, and finally, after nine years, when Sunil Shetty’s family agreed on this, Sunil Shetty Married Mana. After waiting for nine years, Sunil Shetty’s family accepted. When Sunil Shetty introduced Mana to his family for the first time, at first sight, his family members also liked Mana, but This wait was very long. After waiting nine years, Sunil Shetty came in 1991 and married.

Sunil Shetty said my family members were forcing me to marry another girl, which I did not want. Told that when I was in college, I had a bike, and I used to keep my long hair on it. Also, when I went to college, many girls were standing near me, seeing which people started talking about me a lot. He used to think more wrong and looked at me as a goon. Still, Sunil Shetty’s family members did not approve of this relationship because Mana was from a Muslim family. Due to this, her family members did not approve of this relationship, but finally, nine years Later, on 25 December 1991, Sunil Shetty and Mana married. Sunil Shetty also said that his Bollywood debut was also after his marriage. Only after Sunil Shetty’s marriage did his first film, in 1992, Balwaan became a big hit in India.

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