Now, Use WhatsApp Without Any Disruptions Even When WhatsApp Is Down, Just Do This

WhatsApp has announced that it is presenting proxy support to the well-known encrypted messaging platform. Users all over the world will now be able to use Whatsapp even when their connection to the company’s server is deranged or blocked. Using a proxy enables the user to connect to WhatsApp through servers established by clients and organizations around the world who are committed to enable the people to transmit freely.
As told by WhatsApp, connecting through proxy will also maintain the same extent of privacy and security as it was by the app. Personal messages will still remain secured via end-to-end encryption.
This news follows Iran’s local government’s decision to block access to Instagram and Whatsapp in 2022 because these platforms were used by the protestors to circulate information related to the violation of human rights inside the country. WhatsApp said that “It is working to make sure that “these network shutdowns will never happen.
In a blog post ‘WhatsApp wrote that ‘Our wish for 2023 is that these shutdowns will never come into play”. Disruption like the one we’ve watched in Iran for months. Where people’s human rights of receiving urgent help were cut off. However, if the problem continues, we hope that this service assists people wherever they are in a need for safe and trustworthy communication.
Company has also provided a guide for the users intended in developing their own proxy server for family and friends. This option will be found by entering into the storage and data settings inside Whatsapp. This feature is now available for iPhone and Android users, so ensure that you have installed the latest version of Whatsapp. The company also declared that texts will not be seen by anyone other than, parent company Meta, Whatsapp and including proxy servers.
Steps To Connect To A Proxy Server
All the users having the most recent version of Whatsapp installed can get the option in the settings menu. As told by Whatsapp, if the user has access to the internet, he can browse search engines or social media for trustworthy sources with a complete proxy set up. To connect to a proxy server, Open WhatsApp > tap Storage and Data > select Proxy > tap Use Proxy > fill the proxy server’s address > then select Save to link to the service.
A checkmark will be seen if the linking is successful. If the user is still not able to send or receive Whatsapp messages when using a proxy server, there may be a chance that the proxy server has been blocked. In this case, users can try again with a distinctive proxy address. Whatsapp also said that if you use a third-party proxy your IP address will be revealed to the proxy provider.

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