Microsoft Launched a New Cybersecurity Assistant – Is it really helpful for us?

Microsoft has provided an operating system to the whole world for personal PCs and such software to do your work hours in a few minutes. For example, we can take the measure of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, which is one of the best software for saving data and separating data. They digitize all the work done on paper and pen. We can keep all the data for a lifetime, and work can be completed in a few minutes.

In some such inventions of Microsoft, we have got to see a new security assistant, which will help a lot in preventing cybercrime. However, Microsoft is very cautious about security but has just launched its official Security AI Assistant, whose name is Microsoft Security Co-Pilot.

Microsoft’s new security assistant is full of artificial intelligence, based on Open AI’s GPT 4, and the biggest thing is that it accepts text and image input. If you have any doubts about image input, you can clear them with the help of this AI. The biggest thing the company told in its official blog is that this model has been added to the software for more than every 65 trillion signals.

Now many people will consider the need to bring a security assistant to Microsoft? Then let us tell you that many incidents related to cybercrime and cyber security worldwide exist. Everyone’s security is our responsibility, so Microsoft has launched its new Security Assistant.. That is why the entire team of Microsoft, together and after many lines of code, prepared software that will significantly help you in cyber security. Along with the launch of this software, Microsoft has also kept 24 * 7 watching on the big cybercrime companies, so they can keep the user safe by tracking any of their activities. Thus, if you also want to keep your system and your data secure and also want to avoid cybercrime, then definitely use Microsoft’s new software.

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