Lucknow Super Giants won the lost match due to Pooran’s brilliant batting

IPL is considered a festival of India, and in this sixteenth season of IPL, we continuously see one-to-one best matches. There is a possibility of a tremendous one-to-one match, but IPL has an average score of more than 190 runs. If a team makes less than 190 runs, they must face defeat now. Still, suppose any team scores more than 190 runs. In that case, their chances of winning are visible, but last night The match that took place between Lucknow Supergiants and Royal Challenger Bangalore, in which Royal Challenger Bangalore first played, a mountain score of 212 runs in front of Lucknow Supergiants and then when the team of Lucknow Super Joint came out to bat. KL Rahul and Kyle Myers when When he came out to bat, Mohammad Siraj had bowled Kyle Myers on the third ball of the first over, so the Lucknow Supergiants had already come under more pressure.

After that, Royal Challenger Bangalore continued their good bowling performance in just six overs. Lucknow Supergiants were restricted to a score of 36 runs which was too less to chase down the mountain score of 212 runs, and the chances of Lucknow Supergiants winning were very slim. Still, after that, when two more wickets fell and then Later when Marcus Stoinis came to bat, he played a very fast inning and scored his half-century. When Marcus Stoinis was out, then Niklas Pooran, considered the best and best batsman of the West Indies, and then came to the field, he scored the first wicket. He started hitting boundaries with the ball itself. He tore apart the Royal Challengers Bangalore bowlers, and when he continued to do well and hit sixes and fours, it seemed that Lucknow Supergiants would win the match comfortably. He faced only 19 balls And scored 62 runs, and he hit seven sixes and four fours in his innings of 62 runs and scored the fastest 50 of the 19th season of IPL.

Pooran scored the fastest half century of this season in 15 balls

He scored his half-century in only 15 balls and when the RCB team came out to bat When Glenn Maxwell came to the ground after Virat Kohli’s dismissal and Faf Duplessis both appeared in their colors and both Glenn Maxwell and Faf Duplessis scored their half-centuries and took the team to a mountain score of 212 runs but after that RCB bowled tight till the power play but after that Marcus Stoinis and Niklas Poorna started tearing their bowlers and RCB faced defeat in the last over when the last wicket was 1 run needed off 1 ball Lucknow Super Giants Harshal Patel then tried to run out the batsman in front to win, but the ball did not come out of his hands and did not hit the stumps, due to which the batsman leaving the crease from the non-striking end reached safely back to his crease.

After taking one run, Lucknow Supergiants won this match, but this match was very good and exciting, whoever was watching this match, their heartbeat kept increasing and increasing because the match was sometimes turning towards RCB and sometimes On the side of Lucknow Super Joint but it was not known in which direction the camel would sit but in the end the camel sat on the side of Lucknow Supergiants and Lucknow Supergiants won the match with 1 wicket remaining and it is estimated that by 190 runs Victory can be ensured only after the score and in this 16 season of IPL, the team which is scoring less than 190 runs is continuously getting defeat.

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