Kolkata’s best bowlers did not allow RCB to chase the target

Last evening, another explosive IPL match occurred in which Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders were face to face. Both are very strong teams in this 16th season of IPL, and we got to see a perfect and thrilling match between the two. And first of all, Kolkata scored 202 runs while batting. When the Kolkata team came out to bat, the wickets of the Kolkata team were scattered as if the cards were scattered, but after that, when Shardul Thakur and Rinku for the sixth wicket When Singh came to bat in the field, both of them had a very good partnership. There was a partnership of more than 100 runs between them, due to which Kolkata Knight Riders put a mountain score of 202 runs in front of Royal Challengers Bangalore and thus In the middle, Shardul Thakur, known as Lord Thakur, played a brilliant inning of 68 runs in just 26 balls and with him Rinku Singh played a very fast and excellent inning of 46 runs in 33 balls.

Due to the excellent partnership of Shardul and Rinku, a target like a mountain was made.

Due to this, Kolkata Knight Riders reached a mountain score. Still, after that, when it came to Royal Challenger, everyone says that this Royal Challenger Bangalore is such a team that chases any big target very quickly, but in tomorrow’s match, RCB’s big batters failed in this. Sunil Narine bowled first Virat Kohli. Varun Chakraborty got Duplessis and moved up the order. When Maxwell came to bat, he got caught in Chakravarthy’s net, and then The new debutant, who made a very good debut for Kolkata Knight Riders and Suyyash Juyal, took three wickets in his very first IPL debut match. He bowled and performed very well, so Kolkata Knight Riders won the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Defeated a team like Bengaluru, and Kolkata Knight Riders won this match by 81 runs.

It is considered a huge victory of Kolkata Knight Riders over Royal Challenger Bangalore because inside it now Royal Challenger Bangalore, after losing by a lot of runs, Will get caught in the cycle of run rate. As the match and this IPL caravan progress, then on the basis of upcoming matches, the run rate will be considered very important, and RCB will have to improve this run rate in the next match. And meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, was also present on the ground. And we’re very happy to see their team’s performance, and why should any owner be happy if his team performs like this? Then any team owner would be pleased.

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