Indian sports world suffered a big blow – former cricketer Salim Durrani is no more

Terrible event for the Indian sports world. Former Indian cricketer Salim Durrani died. He spent his last pass at the age of 88, and Salim Durrani was the first Afghan to play in the Indian team, which was selected to play cricket in the Indian team. Went. Salim Durani was an outstanding cricketer chosen directly from Afghanistan for the Indian team. Salim Durrani breathed his last on Sunday morning in his own house, which is located in Jamnagar, and his family agreed that Salim Durrani had passed away.

Salim Durrani played 30 test matches for India, and In Test matches, he scored 1203 runs and took wicket for their team. Salim Durrani has taken 8546 runs and 485 wickets in 171 games. According to records Salim Durrani was born in Afghan, he is belong from kabul but after his family moves to India.

Salim Durrani was a very good all rounder – won many matches for India

In this, Durrani was considered an excellent all-rounder. In 1961, he significantly contributed significantly in the match against England. Salim Durrani led India to victory in the last two Test matches and took nine wickets in the Kolkata Test match. Taking ten wickets in the test match gave India a 2-0 lead by giving high performance in the whole series against England. Salim Durrani was a very promising cricketer. He was also rewarded with Arjuna Award because Salim Durrani was the first cricketer from Afghanistan to be selected to play in the Indian team.

Because of their great performance the Indian team selector, being pleased with him and his performance, decided to feed him into Team India. That decision proved very important because Salim Durrani played many matches for Team India. He played an essential role in winning. Sunday was very sad in Indian cricket because former Indian cricketer named Salim lives us today. This is an unfortunate event for the whole sports world. The player has said goodbye to the world today.

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