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India goes ahead of China in population

China is no more the most populated nation in the globe as India overtook China. According to the latest updates, India has 3 million people more than China thereby making it the nation with the largest population in the globe. This data came out just a few hours back on Wednesday.
United Nations introduced a report on the State of the World Population which said that the population of India by mid of 2023 is about 1.4286 billion whereas China’s population is about 1.4257 billion. It indicates that India has 2.9 million more people than China.
Statements of Experts
After India and China, the USA has the highest population of $340 million. Some of the population experts studied the previous data from the United Nations. They said that India will overtake China in population by the end of April month. However, the United Nations have not clarified any particular date.
Decrease in China’s population for the first time
It was for the first time in the year 2022 that China got a decrease in its population. In the past 6 decades, the population of China fell in the year 2022. Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the population dividends depend on quality and quantity. China is finding new ways to handle the problem of population growth.
Report of Indian Surveys
The Federal Minister of India said the population matter is not discussed in the meeting. According to the data collected by the government, the population of India went down to 1.2% in 2011 from 1.7% in earlier decades.
As per the UNFPA report of 2023, the common opinion for all the populated nations was high fertility rates.
The official of the Population Foundation of India said that women must not get married at an early age to control the population.

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