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Excitement of Ram Navami turned into a nightmare for Ram’s devotees in Indore Temple

Ram Navami is marked as one of the most awaited religious days of the year. But this year, the moment of joy turned into sadness at the Indore temple when the roof of an ancient stepwell broke. This roof was damaged due to the weight of several Ram devotees gathered at that place.
Soon after the incident took place, the State Government started investigating the whole incident. Even Army arrived at the incident spot on Thursday to rescue the victims.
The incident happened in the morning of Thursday
It was around 11.30 am on the day of Ram Navami when all the devotees gathered at Beleshwar Mahadev temple in Indore’s area of Patel Nagar. The weight of many people increased the pressure on the stepwell’s roof cum temple’s floor. As a result, the roof fell thereby causing heavy injuries and deaths of Ram devotees.
This roof was constructed of concrete slabs including iron rods. MP government soon began an investigation into this matter and provided an amount of around INR 5 Lacs to the family member of deceased persons. It also provided an amount of INR 50,000 to the victims.
Depth of Stepwell
A source said that the stepwell has a depth of around 9 feet filled with water. This stepwell has a huge block of mud which was removed to rescue the people. Around 15 persons were saved on the spot with the huge rope. But some Ram devotees met death due to suffocation.
Statement of Temple head priest
When asked, the head priest of the Temple said that the temple organizes Ram Puja and havan every year on the outer part of the temple. But due to construction work, the puja and havan were to take place inside the temple.
The Temple head priest was among the survivors who fell into the stepwell. He also said that the stepwell roof did not have any concrete and stood with the help of some stone slabs and iron rods only.

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