Anupam Mittal of Shark Tank takes a shot at Air India over the ‘Pee-gate’ scandal,Tweets.

Anupam Mittal, a Shark Tank India judge, has reacted to Air India’s ‘Pee-gate’ scandal, taking a new shot at the airline for its handling of the situation.
Much has been said and written about Air India’s ‘Pee-gate’ case since a female passenger filed a complaint alleging that a fellow passenger urinated on her on a New York-Mumbai flight last November while inebriated. Anupam Mittal, a Shark Tank India judge, has taken another swipe at Air India for their handling of the ‘Pee-gate’ scandal, asking his followers how the airline ‘could have/can handle’ the situation better.
“Flying on #AirIndia is quickly becoming a moot point,” tweeted Anupam Mittal, along with a smiling face, open mouth, and cold sweat emoticon. He responded to his own tweet, asking his followers, “How do you think the airline could have/could have handled the susuation better?”
Since it was posted a day ago, the main tweet has received over 6.2 lakh views, over 7,100 likes, and several comments. The tweet was also retweeted several times.
Here’s how people reacted to Anupam Mittal’s Air India tweet:
“The same thing happens on foreign airlines. But the point is that it does not spread in the same way that the AI incident has.
Why should an airline be held accountable for the actions of a single passenger? “Just penalise that passenger in accordance with the law and move on,” one Twitter user suggested. “Because of way they handled it,” Anupam Mittal responded. “Sir ji is thinking of this at 12 a.m.,” another joked. Anupam Mittal replied, “I am in the flow,” with a winking face emoticon. “Yikes, no way,” a third said. It wasn’t necessary for it to be a tweet.
You were under no obligation to record this heinous tweet. Some women have been permanently scarred as a result of this because some idiot peed on them. “That is not acceptable, sir.” “My remark is directed at the airline for mishandling the situation and adding to the problem,”

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