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Amritpal releses a new video, agrees to surrender

The Khalistani leader, Amritpal singh, was arrested by the Punjab Police 10 days ago but managed to escape the same. According to the latest sources he has turned back to Punjab. He has also posted a video on Instagram and expressed his intention to surrender at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The police have been after him since March 18. Ever since he evaded police custody, cities like Amritsar and Hoshiarpur have been put on high alert. The government has deployed many police officers near important and strategic public places such as Golden Temple and Wagah Border in Amritsar. The Punjab police has executed different operations throughout the state in order to discover the accused. His abandoned vehicle was discovered near Marnaian village. No other clue was discovered till yet and he still remains untraceable despite the best efforts.

The police investigated the matter and discovered that Amrit Pal Singh changed appearances and swapped vehicles when he was arrested near Amritsar at the Ajnala police station. In a CCTV footage he was found roaming on the streets of Delhi in casual clothes along with his follower Papal Preet Singh. The police in Punjab have not confirmed any such report till yet. This situation has been very tense in Punjab. Tight security measures are being followed in order to protect the people at every cost and maintain the peace and Order of the city.

Amritpal Singh has uploaded a latest video on his Instagram handle and has expressed his Desire at the Golden Temple in Amritsar in the coming days. In the video he has shared his emotions with all his followers stating that he does not mind himself behind the bars, if the desire to get a separate state of Khalistan does not end. He had been accused of inciting violence among the innocent public by motivating them to wage a war against the state. It is believed that after showing this video many people will come to Amritsar in order to create political unrest. The video was deleted within 15 minutes but it is expected that it would have already spread beyond borders.

The intention behind posting such kinds of videos is to motivate the people to fight against the government and raise unwanted demands. According to the sources many followers of Amritpal Singh have already left for Amritsar and they will reach the borders in a day or so. The government needs to tighten the security cover as soon as possible in order to prevent any kind of breach of security to take place. All of these guidelines has been issued in public interest.

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