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After all, why did a young man take the lives of innocent children, Know what was the reason

America, considered the safest country in the world, is where incidents are happening openly these days, and this type of incident is being seen continuously in America. Recently, a person was fired simultaneously, and 5 to 6 people were killed. They died, and an 8-year-old girl was also included in them. This firing took place in Texas, USA, and the person who did this firing went to his neighbour’s house and fired indiscriminately, and 5 to 6 members of his family were killed, and This firing happened when this person was fired in his house. So the people of the neighbourhood were putting their children to sleep at night, and when they could not put their children to sleep after hearing the sound of firing, they asked the person to stop firing because their children were having trouble sleeping.

In America, a young man barged into a house at night and opened fire on six family members.

Hearing this, that person entered their house and started firing there, and five other people, including small innocent children, died. This incident was very painful, and such incidents were never seen before in America. But this type of incident has started happening every day in America, and the neighbours there say that this young man fires every day after getting intoxicated, but we did not know that he could kill someone. But this person did this thing yesterday, which is very wrong, and we had no idea he could do this type of work. That person was completely drunk, and people say he is drunk late at night every day. He comes home after getting drunk, and after coming home starts his firing, due to which the common people have to face many problems.

Because of him, people have to face many problems, but no one says anything to him, and when a child’s mother told him to stop firing, he got angry and went to their house and started firing, and their children were killed. It was also known, and when there was a mutual argument between the two, the young man got angry and started firing, for which his family had to bear the brunt, and many innocent lives were lost in this. America will never want these types of incidents to happen there because these types of incidents spoil the system of a country. America is considered one of the very orderly countries. If these types of incidents keep happening there, America will also be known as a small country, which America will never want.

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