2022 Ford Expedition Stealth Performance Brings Sneaky Speed

Performance programs are frequently observed with the aid of fanfare and peacockery, mainly in terms of tuned-up SUVs. An SUV already makes a declaration approximately your lifestyle aspirations, so evidently, the excessive-horsepower ones commonly aren’t shy approximately upping the braggadocio. Back in 1992, whilst GMC crammed a 280-hp turbocharged V-6 into the S-15 Jimmy, they failed to just slather it in outrageous portraits and aero cladding—they renamed it the Typhoon. When Dodge placed a 475-hp V-eight in the Durango, it also had a hood scoop, racing stripes, and an exhaust note that can be heard from the police helicopter it truly is in all likelihood chasing it. But the Stealth Performance package for the 2022 Ford Expedition Limited is specific, as its name implies. Aside from its crimson brake calipers, the resulting car is truly extra diffused than the relaxation of the Limited lineup. Trim is blacked out and electricity is cranked up, resulting in what is probably the sneakiest drag racer on the market. With twin turbos huffing boost to its excessive-output three.5-liter V-6, the Stealth Performance car hits 60 mph in 4.Nine seconds and clears the zone-mile in 13.7 seconds at one hundred and one mph. Try that when a run thru the Dairy Queen pressure-through and you may be wiping Blizzards off the lower back window.To get your hands on this fleetest of Expeditions, you will want to order a Limited (both rear- or 4-wheel pressure, everyday wheelbase or Max) and upload system organization 304A, a.K.A. The Stealth Performance bundle, for a further $9880. That brings an additional 40 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque. Be no longer tempted via gadget organization 303A, which expenses $4670 and is merely Stealth without the Performance. What’s the point in being stealthy if there’s nothing to hide?Besides its excessive-output V-6 (440 horsepower, 510 lb-feet of torque) and twin exhaust, the Stealth Performance p.C. Brings a recreation-tuned suspension, a 3.73:1 final-pressure ratio, black-painted six-spoke 22-inch wheels, and people decidedly unstealthy crimson brake calipers. It additionally gets quite a few blacked-out trim (grille, roof rails, electricity-deployable strolling forums, headlight bezels), and panoramic glass roof, and a 22-speaker B&O sound device. Oddly for a model placed as the overall performance zenith of the lineup, there are some key pieces of hardware that continue to be non-compulsory. We say you might as nicely go all the manner and add the electronically controlled limited-slip rear differential ($1500 and to be had handiest on 4-by-fours) and adaptive dampers for an additional $995.

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